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The times they are a changing

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

We humans tend to think that we decide how things should play out and what should or shouldn't happen. But this isn't true, and Mind The Gap's journey is yet another example of putting away my own idea of how things should work and allowing the Universe to show me the best path. So while I thought we'd enter festivals and seek out distribution, it's become more and more clear as time has gone by in post production, that the grassroots method (which has been the MO of this film since the idea came into my dream many many years ago), is the way forward. Mind The Gap transcends color, culture,gender, race, religion, and all other barriers because its message is global and its concepts Universal. "Who am I?, "What am I don't here?", "Where do I come from?" "How can I Awaken to the Truth of who I am" these are questions every human has or will ask at some point. These are the questions we explore in the film, always keeping a balance between the profound and the simple, the serious and the comedic.

So it fits that distribution should also be done in a grassroots way. Staying away from shark distributors and giant corporations who swallow up creativity in one bite.When profit is the bottom line creativity, sensitivity, harmony with the natural world, and kindness disappear. To this end we offer you Mind The Gap with authenticity and love and we hope you enjoy this indie film - indie in the truest sense of the word. Once more thank you to to every single one of you who has participated in any way in bringing MTG to life... actors, production crew as well as pre & post crew, volunteers, extras, artists, musicians, sponsors, Spirit helpers, and of course you, our audience, because as the Buddha teaches we need three elements : Buddha, dharma, and sangha...a teacher (the film), a teaching (the cutting edge wisdom shared in the film), and a community to enjoy & learn from it; you.

If you feel like you have benefitted from the film in any way, please share the website with your friends as this is the only way that the film can we watched. If you feel inclined to help support the film with a donation in any amount, or you'd like to get involved in any way, we're very grateful.

If you can watch on a big screen and use good speakers you'll get to enjoy our musicians' beautiful music as well as our vibrant cinematography.

Feel free to post your comments or questions on our Q&A page as we will soon begin to delve into and explore the mystery of the gap.

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