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Mind The Gap  is produced by The Umbrella Project in association with Valencia Motion Pictures; praised by

Steven Spielberg as being "One of the best".

The Umbrella Project focuses on creating fun

 enlightening entertainment through film, TV, radio, art, music, and print.


As humans we have the gift of choice.  We can choose the chaos or we can choose the Truth of who we are. We've created a production company that reflects the latter.

Cast & Crew

Ilana Marks, Writer & Executive Producer
Ralph Clemente, Co-Producer
Anthony Realmuto, Director of Photography
A.R Bjorkland, Script Supervisor
Nadja Marks, Associate Producer
Joe Sykes Marketing
Erin Beute "Adi"
George Stumpf "Jacques"
Julie Moss "Jo"
Tanya Christianson "Cheri"
Michele Yeager "Belle"
David Mackey "Spence"
Rachell Marsh "Tia"
Salem Murphy "Amy"
Andre De Vengoechea "Ollie"
Karleigh Chase "Mindy"
Mara Darrow "Marie"
Summer Hill Seven "Steve"

Iron & Wine

(courtsey of Warner Records, Sub Pop, & Warner Chappell)

Iron & Wine, Music

Sam Beam, proud soundtrack contributor to Mind The Gap is known by his stage and recording name Iron & Wine.  Beam's music has appeared in many films & TV series like :


- Grey's Anatomy

- The L Word

- House

- 90210

Twilight  (Warner Bros)

Twilight Saga


Click to listen to Iron and Wine

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