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Divorcing A Narcissist

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

In Mind The Gap Adi, the protagonist, is divorcing her narcissistic husband. She joins a divorce support group where she learns how the psyche works, and how it interacts with the world of quantum physics and the Soul, and eventually, through a journey of self transformation, how to build her life back up.

I have learned so much from working on the film as I have been going through my own divorce. The timing is uncanny. It has made the whole process so dynamic. I learned that the only way to deal with what a narcissist throws at us, is to focus on knowing that the TRUTH of who we are has absolutely nothing to do with who they paint us to be. Most of what a narcissist says is a projection of what they themselves are doing. So non-engagement is vital. Let them say what they want. Don't react, don't try to justify, don't take it on as your own; simply allow it to reinforce the truth of who you know yourself to be. It's fascinating to find out what's behind a narc's mind by listening to them characterize your actions and personality. It is very empowering and transformational to go through this process in this way.

Usually I only post about the progress of the film. But in today's post I'm sharing a personal experience, because it's a fundamental story line of Mind The Gap. When I first had the dream many years ago (a dream which outlined the story, messages, and themes which have resulted in this film), I was married. But that dream turned out to be prophetic. The film deals with divorce as the environment for the story to unfold, and my marriage is finally (I am VERY grateful to say) over, at the same time that the film is wrapping (I am also very grateful to say).

The balance of the post coming soon...

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