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Speak Up, Or Stay Silent?

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

This blog post is in response to someone's post. It raised interesting questions about these times and whether it's better to stay quiet and be peaceful or risk speaking up and being attacked by those who oppose our views. Does judging others' views fill us with upset or peace.

I see honest open discussions of differences and debate as a healthy part of the human experience...it's only when we attack those with a differing point of view that it's a problem.

Dialectic was the foundation of ancient Greek society which bred some of the greatest thinkers in mathematics and philosophy like Pythagoras, Sophocles, Plato etc. "Plato's Cave" is so applicable to today's world : we do not need to shoot the messengers because they challenge our world view.

Speaking different languages / the Tower of Babel causing separation - there's nothing wrong with speaking different languages, being different colors, races, or religions - as long as we don't disdain, hate, and abuse those who opine different views from our own. It makes the world way more interesting to have differences (ask any Enneagram 4's) we can value each others' uniqueness and learn from each other.

Humans have the gift of intellect and we should use it to learn from others and grow, without getting defensive if they don't mirror our opinions. The problem comes if we believe someone's "an idiot" for disagreeing, unfriending them simply because they don't believe what we do, being abusive in words, thoughts, or deeds because they don't support our world view. That's the problem, not having opposite opinions. Opposition is important, it's a fundamental part of existence if looked at correctly. Duality is only problematic if we see it as being real or threatening our survival . Humans have the gift of choice, which is exercised when we're presented with opposing viewpoints. It gives us the opportunity to choose our truth - silencing that out of fear of being attacked for our beliefs destroys one of our most precious human gifts.

Yes, step by step we can give up judging but not give up being discerning... and dialectic shouldn't ever be muted or we lose a big part of our humanity

People like Galileo and Giordano Bruno spoke up. They were ridiculed and destroyed for their opinions being so contrary to the world view. The point, as far as I see it, is to stop hateful speech not to stop a good healthy debate. Most importantly, recognizing ourselves and each other with the energy of "Namaste" is inner peace. It doesn't bring inner peace, it is a manifestation of inner peace which is our natural state of being, a state of being which we have forgotten even exists, let alone that it's our birthright.

Mind The Gap will be loved by some and disliked by others. This is all fine. If, after watching, it generates interesting discussions with others it's a success. If viewers begin to look at the world in a different way, or at least question what they always assumed their reality to be, it was worth producing the film. So, no matter what your opinion, Namaste to all of you.


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