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Radio Interview WSLR: w/MTG Writer/ Drector, Ilana Marks

02.20.2019 - Ilana Marks
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Radio Interview 

w/MTG Writer / Director, Ilana Marks

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Sun  Coast View ABC7

02.28.2019 - Ilana Marks
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Siesta Sands 


Audience Feedback

Emails & letters from the Sarasota Premiere 


the Orlando Sneak Peek Preview


Absolutely Divinely Inspired


Truly enjoyable and beautifully written! 

Movie was amazing, thought provoking, funny and continues to noodle around in my brain.  My husband is heartbroken that he missed it and I want to see it again.  When is the next showing?

Thanks for an incredible experience on many levels.

The acting, music, and story were exquisite, hilarious, moving, and spiritual at the same time - so cool!!!

The spirit guided you every step of the way. Blessing to carry you further.

It is so beautifully written, executed. and edited. This is very exciting! 

Fascinating! Beautiful Philosophy! Well acted!

I want to read Ilana's book now; I'm sure I'm not the only one. And it's definitely a movie to watch a second time.

I heard the viewers ask to see it a second time, and I was thinking the very same thing watching it through.   

You did a great job of tying common life style changes that require letting go (such as the lead's divorce), getting scared, digging deep and then taking the beautifully enlightening journey back to self.

A hero's journey. Loved it! 

Wow. I hope you heard the laughs & aha moments of the audience enjoying themselves .

I had some great laughs and good thoughts.

Excellent! Wonderful film with a vital message of Unity through seeking growth, Unity, and love. 

Wow...I'm just blown away... beautiful! 

Congratulations!  I'd say it was a slam dunk! God bless your work as you continue. I would love to help however I can and hope I can bring more women in business together so we can get to know and support each other because times are changin'. I had a blast.

This isn't a very good film, this is a GREAT film! 

This film was such an amazing experience that I am forwarding it to special folks to follow and show up when the wonderful Creators do a second showing.

The film is nourishing, thoughtful, beautifully constructed, shot and presented. I cannot imagine that you will not get the support that you need for the world to view your message.

You are a wonderful communicator - your voice is like music from songbirds and your heart is open and beautiful.

This film is like Woody Allen meets Seinfeld! What a great concept! 

This film must get out to international audiences.

There is a feminine heart here that will draw in many.

Totally blown away. I see this as becoming a cult classic for a new paradigm.

My head is still reeling from the message.

I woke up at 6.30 am feeling strong, alive, and awesome, mind gone, heart huge, greeting the sunrise.

First time I ever got a healing from a movie. 


A consciousness transforming, beautiful,  deep personal and metaphysical interplay.  Definitely inspired by the Higher Realms.  Also very entertaining and enjoyable.

Wonderful wonderful!!!!!!  My husband and I would like to make 100 or so copies in bluray of the video which would be our donation.  After the initial 100 or so copies we will try and make more.  It is too important not to share this film with many. 

I really seriously enjoyed it. I am speechless. Wow.   Very deep and introspective.  More people need to think like this. Loved the music also.  Very well cast. I wanted to stay for Q&A but just back from California. My two friends liked it also said they thought about it all night!  

It was great! My friends also enjoyed very much. It was such an interesting movie and concept. It is definitely a mind opening experience for the world, for  me... thank you for sharing this experience with us. 😘👏🙏🙏💪💕👍🎊🎈

Such passion! So much to think about 💜

One of the lines I've been reminding myself since the premier. That her sister's words don't have control ove her anymore - I thought how lovely that there are so many parts to this movie that every one can go home with a line they need

What a triumphant night. Incredible creation the film.

I really enjoyed the movie - well done. I could not take my eyes from it

I'm finding myself thinking about the movie today; different scenes from the movie just keep popping up in my mind. I find that that is a sign of a really good film, if I'm still thinking about it the next day. 

The story moves so beautifully. Every moment throughout the whole movie, there was never a gap between wanting to see what was going to happen next and what was happening. 

I want to help in any way.

This film inspired me in a lot of ways. Amazing film!!!! 

I would honestly love to watch it a 2nd and a 3rd time. I know it will go far!!!

I feel like this film helped me out a lot mentally and spiritually. 

Last night was a smashing success! And the film was so creative and thought-provoking. Yes, definitely thought-provoking!

I had to run home afterwards to check on my mother so I couldn"t stay for the Q&A.  If Q&A was filmed, I'd love to see it at some point.