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Just back from a fun and productive weekend in Orlando.  

Thank you to everyone for coming out to the auditions:)

After braving hours of traffic, we finally arrived at more traffic. After getting lost and accidentally ending up at Epcot multiple times, then more traffic, we were so relieved to watch some awesome auditions on Friday afternoon and more on Saturday. In the night, we bundled up and enjoyed scouting at Universal Studios.

We were really impressed with the talent this weekend!  There were some reads that almost made us cry because  they were so touching, and others that had us on the floor laughing as the lines and scenes turned into great improv & character development.

After we finish watching back the audition videos, we will update everyone, so keep checking back for call-back auditions in the next month. We were happy to hear from one of the actresses after the audition that, “this higher consciousness kind of movie is really something that actors are craving more of,” and it’s already inspired her to get working on her own project!

Thanks as well to all those of you who helped run things behind the scenes with filming, checking people in, setting up, and reading in parts. 

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