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Mind The Gap

A Psychological Comedy

Explore the nature of Perception vs Reality; A journey into the world of quantum physics, the psyche, the spirit, and the soul, in the most human possible way...


A small film for man; A giant leap for man's Mind

"This is a beautiful film! Truly inspiring."

Emmy Award Winning Editor

"The world is readying itself more & more for your kind of consciousness. Your film should be trending well."

Fmr VP Distribution, 

Universal Studios International

"This is exciting!"


Warner Brothers

"I love it!  It's so emotional, grounded, & real. Very beautiful & meaningful. Such lovely writing & real living characters." 


"Parenthood" NBC

"Ilana Marks is a vibrant and thought provoking  woman who brings valuable & penetrating insights"

The Daily Telegraph, London, UK

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