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Mind The Gap

is a concept whose time has come.


Crowd funding has become the most popular way for Independent films to reach you, the viewer, without big studios dictating what you watch.


We are looking to you to please help us complete the funding campaign with your contributions and help.  Any amount, financial or in kind, is much appreciated and very welcome!




Thank you,


Ilana & the MTG Team

Ilana Marks is a vibrant and thought provoking woman

         who brings valuable and penetrating insights.

                               ~The Daily Telegraph, London UK




Have extra frequent flyer miles? Travel  or hotel points? We need to get to screenings all over the world, so your miles could go a long way! We also need accommodation & rental cars when traveling to event screenings.


We are very grateful for any level donation you're able to make to help us bring Mind The Gap to the public.


 For contributions of $1,000 or more, your name will appear in the film's credits!

If you prefer to make payment by check, please contact us via our contact page & we'll send you the address to mail your check. (This way, we also save the paypal fee!)

Social Media

Design: Graphic design, PR, administrative, internet, and networking / social media skills. 

Follow us on facebook and instagram to stay updated (and to see clips and screen shots!)

Share this website with all your family & friends! If you can't help us out right now, make noise about it to others who can. Connect us with people you know in the industry.

Plan Screenings

Prefer behind the scenes? Help plan our sneak peek showings or host a screening at your home / local cinema, or community location.


We will help you put the event together and provide the Q&A, talk by filmmaker, cast, crew,  & musicians from the soundtrack. 

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