A fun enlightening story of personal transformation with thought-
provoking exploration into the nature of perception versus reality.
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"I love it. It's so grounded, emotional and real  Very beautiful and meaningful. Such lovely writing and real living characters.  I am very excited about your movie."



Adi, a 38 year old off-Broadway actress, is on the verge of success when her playboy husband walks out on her. As a single mother with little support, her life begins to unravel and her relationship with her ten year old daughter becomes strained.


Adi receives a letter from LAMED, her alma mater  in London, inviting her to lecture. While there, she has a profound mind-bending experience. 


Adi returns to NY and, still not well enough to perform, seeks help. Amidst the conflicted hilarious bickering of the characters she meets along the way, and with the guidance of Jo, her mentor, Adi begins to peel away the facade of daily life, personal dramas, and subconscious fears, as she peers into a new reality and a profound universal truth.


As Adi moves into this new reality, the audience follows her deeper down the rabbit hole, encountering the twists and turns with a final reveal that is both exhilarating and dramatic.


With light hearted humor MTG’s  universal message of personal transformation can shift the minds of audiences worldwide.

Who are you?

No I mean really...who are you

and what the heck are you doing here?




In a fun entertaining way, Mind The Gap , a psychological dramatic comedyanswers eternal

and soul searching questions  that humans have been pondering since the beginning of time…



Mind The Gap takes the viewer deep into a unique and awe inspiring “what if…?" reality 

with an unexpected and intriguing twist which promises to change the way audiences view their lives.


What is this gap? What if you don't mind it? 

This film takes audiences on an exploration of the gap between words, the gap 

between thoughts, the gaps in time.


By employing humor, irony, and visual effects, Mind The Gap exposes cutting edge realities 

and unexplored worlds. Mind The Gap is universal in its ability to understand

the mystery we call Life.


If you've ever asked yourself these questions, you'll want to watch Mind The Gap

If you've never asked yourself these questions, you'll want to watch Mind The Gap


“The world is readying itself more and more for your kind  of consciousness, your film should be trending well.”


~  Senior VP, Universal Studios International





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