What is inspiration?

For this week's Inspired Artist post, I went to the person who has been inspiring me since day one. I asked my mom, Ilana Marks this week's question. She is a writer, speaker, and film producer, whose commitment to her inspiration empowers me like no other person has. 🍃

Q."What is inspiration? And how does it manifest for you?"

A. "Inspiration means 'to breathe, or blow into'. Inspiration is the breath of invisible spirit that flows through us, and let's us know that what we are inspired to do is greater than us, not motivated by our own personal desires. It helps us because it helps the whole. Focusing on this goal, I feel inspired in my work. This 'breath' is an unconditionally Loving Presence and I feel inspired to share that gift with others through my work. 🗝 When I know that what I'm working on has the potential to help others, my work has meaning. The way I've been called, or inspired, is to help others find the truth of who they really are. Even if it only reaches one person, the ripple effect of inspiring someone is enormous... 🤗 Currently, I feel inspired to work with the feature film I wrote, Mind The Gap, which came to me from a dream. Dreams let me connect with my soul without my ego taking control. But, after inspiration comes perspiration. I perspired like crazy to produce the film, but its incredible message has inspired me in ways that are unimaginable. 📽

The voice that makes us feel inadequate, the ego voice, is devoid of inspiration. The voice of our soul, which makes us feel happy and expansive, is the voice of inspiration...this is the voice I strive to follow with all my work. ⛲

Thanks for this invitation to share - I am inspired by you, Nadja, and love to share with you, because you then share it and help others through your paintings and your life.

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